What does it mean? Why?

Owning a small fishing business is no easy task. Those who do, and do it well, put in a lot of time and effort. Until now there has not been a dedicated place on the Internet for you to find out about a hard working guide or a well-stocked tackle shop. Here at Sportsmen’s Compass, we are giving anglers a place to write reviews and let others know what to expect, good or bad, specifically designed for Anglers. We have a deep appreciation for those who guide us, give us good information, and provide us with quality equipment. We also work hard for our own money and want to hire the right person to fish with.

We want to give you, the angler, a place to research before you book. To discover guides, charters, outfitters and shops you wouldn’t previously have heard of. And we want to give you, the guide, a place for people to rate your service. A place for those who put in the work to receive the recognition.

We are digitizing word-of-mouth endorsements. First-hand reviews that anyone, anywhere can read. 

This resource is nothing without your reviews

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If you had a great time on your last trip, writing a review not only helps your guide but also your community. Everyone benefits from a thoughtful, detailed review. It could make the difference between a great day on the water, and going home disappointed. If we all do our part, and take a few minutes to write a review, we will all be able to get the most out of our precious time spent fishing.