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Boga Fish Grip Tool

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  • Price: $124.99
  • Fishing Type: Fresh Water
  • Brand: Boga
  • Vendor: Amazon
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The Boga Grip™ Fishing Tools are high-quality fish landing, handling, and weighing tools. Encompasses the lower jawbone of most fresh and saltwater fish, including toothy pike and barracuda to make landing and weighing fish up to 60-lbs. quick, easy and safe. The Boga Grip Tools are compact enough for wade or surf fishermen and are perfect for catch-and-release photos. Simple one-handed operation. Stainless steel construction resists corrosion. 15-lb. model weighs in 1/4-lb. increments and 30- and 60-lb. models weigh in 1/2-lb. increments.


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