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Dreadful Future for Delaware River

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June 2, 2017

Water flow legislation on the Delaware River has always been a heated topic, which rarely has ever come to a compromise between the interests of the State and the interests of the anglers. The Flexible Flow Management Program that has been in place is about to expire, and a resolution needed to be met by Wednesday night.

New Jersey has stated that it would not renew the plan unless NYC was willing to give up some of its water. The deadline passed without a peep from NYC, leaving a lot of people worried about what the future will hold.

When the plan expires, a 1983 plan will go into effect that will allow an even further decrease in flow. Proper flow management is vital for the ecosystem as well as the people living along side the river to survive.

Hopefully a resolution is met before the bottom of the riverbed dries up, or a flood takes out more homes.


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