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Our Team

We all have one thing in common: we love the outdoors.

Scott Guilmartin

962ef7_c9cdcfe6c4aa4bd1b8c212b062fc2e1e.jpg_srz_p_393_266_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzScott Guilmartin is an avid angler and entrepreneur. His past business interests were in renewable energy and parking & transportation. When he’s not fishing, he enjoys raising beef and pork on a family hobby farm.
Scott began fishing with his dad at age 4, and still vividly remembers his first trip. “We left the house long before sun up with hot chocolate and donuts. My dad let me reel in the first of several trout caught that morning. While many years have passed I remember the excitement I felt landing that first fish.” His vision for Sportsmen’s Compass is to create a website that translates into great experiences and exceptional value for its members.

“Sportsmen’s Compass will be the outdoor go-to reference, relaying accurate, relevant and current feedback validated by true sportsmen.”

Joe Guilmartin

962ef7_5e304aed4f1849b0818a6f5dc5894cb7.jpg_srz_p_393_266_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzLike many young boys, Joe started fishing with his father in local streams and rivers. One of his fondest memories is catching a seven-foot sailfish in Florida when he was nine. His fishing travels have taken him to places including Alaska, Montana, and Belize. Joe’s other hobbies include skiing, hiking with his dog, Henry, or anything outdoors related. Joe has worked in the banking and finance industry since 2007.

“Sportsmen’s Compass simplifies the process of researching and booking a fishing trip. That’s because the site is well-stocked with unbiased reviews, articles, equipment recommendations, and so much more.”

Todd Kuhrt

Todd started fishing with his father at a young age. (Beginning to see a trend here?) While visiting Norway in 2001 he purchased his first fly rod, and he has been dedicated to the quiet sport ever since. Todd enjoys tying his own flies and chasing fish wherever they may be found.

An experienced web designer and developer since 1996, Todd has worked for large interactive agencies and advertising firms. In 2004 he launched Flyaddict.com, an online fly-fishing community based in New England. Currently a freelance designer, he is always happiest when working on fly-fishing related projects.

“Why would you not want to read honest reviews that aren’t fabricated by the owner/operators? Sportsmen’s Compass will bring quality information, making it easier to find the right destinations or guides.”

Dylan Pattenaude

962ef7_ce502eb9594048679f31ca4074f9e021.jpg_srz_p_393_266_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzNot for nothing, but Dylan Pattenaude knows where he was the day Yahoo launched. For two decades he’s been helping internet development agencies and startups write their own success stories. While he has worn many hats (graphic designer, copywriter, developer, project manager) his favorite role is application and data architect, as well as mentor.

Dylan may look like a soccer dad, but he grew up hunting and fishing on his grandparents’ farm. He is new to fly fishing, but with team members like Dylan’s he’s in a really good place.

“I knew the first time we discussed Sportsmen’s Compass that we would be creating a valuable resource for people who already love the outdoors – and introduce it to many more who have yet to discover its joys.”