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Our Fishing Story

Behind every great website is a story.

Sportsmens Compass happens to be a fishing story.

How It All Started: “It was our last night in a Labrador fishing camp. We had been casting for arctic char and brookies all week, and now we were leaving early due to a dubious weather report from the camp pilot. It was clear to us that the pilot just wanted to get home early. In fact, we felt the entire travel aspect of the trip had been haphazard from the start. We actually spent a night out in a rainstorm because the lodge had no radio communications in place to contact guests fishing away from the camp. Adding insult to injury, the lodge owner had also asked us to kick in additional money to take a few short flights to fish different water. Needless to say, the mood was tense. As I stared at the evening sky for northern lights, I thought, “What if there was a website where fellow anglers could provide honest reviews and information to each other?” Thus was born Sportsmen’s Compass. For too long, we’ve had to rely on owner-operator-provided references or stories written by authors who received free lodging or services. No longer. We hope you will use the site, benefit from it, and help fellow sportsmen as well.”

– Scott Guilmartin


Sportsmens Compass - Our Story


Writing a review helps our community. Everyone benefits from a thoughtful, detailed review. It could make the difference between a great day on the water and going home disappointed.

If we all do our part, take a few minutes, share our experiences, we can all get the most out of our precious time spent fishing.

Thank you.


Our Review Policy. No reviews will be accepted from facilities, service suppliers or any affiliate. We encourage our members to provide honest assessments of the quality and competence of service providers. (For example, weather and fishing conditions are beyond a lodges or guide’s control, but quality and competence in any environment can be measured.)