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Fishing Lodge – How to Choose?

A Fishing Lodge

What is a fishing lodge? Can be as simple a place to fish and sleep or can be an elaborate vacation with spas, fine dining and fishing.

Which is your preference?

Simple, rustic accommodations with access to fishing are found in many remote, pristine locations across the world. Dependent on region these can be hike in, fly in or drive. All reputable fishing lodges will have fishing reports on what is running, time tables and expected conditions. Be wary of the ultimate bargain. Question the lodge, ask what is included, get it in writing and look at reviews of others that have visited this fishing lodge.

Looking for an upscale fishing lodge? There are many options to choose. Four star resorts, personal chefs, unbelievable amenities, stunning locations and access to remarkable fishing are all choices with an opulent fishing lodge experience. Do your homework. Check out website, forums, ask questions before booking and know what to expect with your experience.


How to plan a stay at a fishing lodge

  1. Research your locations and accommodations. Be honest about your expectations. Great place to start is with Sportsmens Compass reviews.
  2. Determine your budget. Find out what is included. Plane fares, meals can all add to the final tally.
  3. Narrow your choices to 2-3 fishing lodges. Pro’s, con’s give you the availability to further narrow your selection.
  4. Travel – commercial flights, puddle jumpers – how will you travel?
  5. Fishing reports, expected species – research before booking. Pick your fishery.
  6. Fishing guides are they available, their experience, what they expect from a guest?
  7. Cancellation policy. Life happens, always check the cancellation policy.
  8. How much, when is the final payment due and if traveling what is the exchange rate.
  9. Equipment – provided, bring your own? International travel requirements of rods/reels.
  10. Hiccups – they happen. How does the fishing lodge handle the unexpected?
  11. Book early – the best lodges will fill up fast during prime fishing.

All your research will help you book a fishing lodge that meets your expectations. First hand information is always your best option. Talk to someone that has been to the fishing lodge. Sportsmens Compass was built by Anglers for Anglers for this purpose. Our mission is to SHARE fishing information in the form of REVIEWS. The good, the bad, the fantastic and the ugly. All in the form of unbiased reviews. Research here, add your reviews, help us build this resource for fellow anglers.