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Fishing Guides – 10 Search Tips

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Fishing Guides


Finding good fishing guides can be a daunting task. How does an angler find top-notch fishing guides? There are excellent guides and then the occasional shady character. A fishing trip can be ruined by a poor experience, or an experience that is simply not as you expected. With a little advanced planning and research, you can locate the fishing guide that will give you your perfect fishing experience.

Sportsmens Compass gathers up-to-date information on guides, charters, outfitters, shops and lodges in one easy to use/search website – backed by first-hand angler reviews! With an active community of Anglers posting reviews on fishing guides, you have first-hand angler experiences to help choose your next fishing guide.






10 Tips to Searching for a Fishing Guide:

1. Seek the help of friends. Ask your friends and relatives who fish if they can give you some referrals.

2. Browse Sportsmens Compass. We have listings of fishing guides, charters, shops and lodges backed with first hand angler reviews. The fishing community gathers here to share information. They may not tell you their secret spot – but no one is shy about their experiences with fishing guides and their hard-earned money. The best of the best rise to the top with candid, unbiased reviews.

3. Determine how much you’re will to pay for the guide service. Having this information in advance leaves no surprises – just an enjoyable day.

4. Decide which style of fishing. Freshwater or saltwater? Fly fishing or spin/bait casting? Drift boat, wading, charter boat? Sportsmens Compass search makes it simple to narrow down choices and plan your next fishing trip. What type of fish are your targeting? Fishing guides specialize in species. As a paying customer, you want to learn tips, techniques from your guide to increase your knowledge and experience level.

5. Communication. Give the guide all the information they need to get the best fishing experience. Explaining your level of experience, physical requirements and more allows the guide to make the most of your fishing time.

6. Is the guide is licensed? Ask the guide of their name and phone numbers including the state-licensing bureau. A guide who is not willing to provide you the information you are asking for is not worth your time.

7. Find out exactly what you are paying for. All reputable fishing guides will gladly give this information. This will help manage your schedule before your fishing trip and necessities you may want to bring along. Asking the coverage of your fees will also help you assess if the services you will get are worth the money you will be spending.

8. Get to know the guide. Evaluate the guide that you will be working with – read fellow angler reviews, visit his site, his Facebook, his Instagram. Fishing is a time to learn and enjoy but if the two of you will not get along well, the whole trip might just be ruined. Get to know the guide first before you set foot on the boat or start hiking to the stream. Ask how long has he been guiding – this information will make it easier for you to assess the level of experience and how it matches to your experience level.

9. Where will you meet, time, date, equipment ask these questions in advance for no surprises the day of your fishing trip.

10. Have fun! And when you return leave a REVIEW of your trip. Grow this important resource for all anglers.


Our Review Policy. No reviews will be accepted from facilities, service suppliers or any affiliate. We encourage our members to provide honest assessments of the quality and competence of service providers. (For example, weather and fishing conditions are beyond a lodges or guide’s control, but quality and competence in any environment can be measured.)