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The Fisherman LLC

My name is Steve Culton, and I’ve been fishing Connecticut’s Farmington and Salmon Rivers for over 40 years. My areas of specialization include wet fly fishing, dry fly fishing, and indicator nymph fishing. Small streams the-fisherman-CTare also a passion, as they give us an opportunity to catch wild trout in a natural, more intimate setting. My approach to fly fishing for striped bass is quite different from most other anglers’: I use a floating line, traditional trout and salmon presentation methods, and sparse, impressionistic flies like flatwings and soft hackles. I am what you’d call a teaching guide. (I have had many clients ask me if I am a teacher for my regular job. The answer is no, but I am flattered by the question.) We all like to catch fish, but if your main goal is sheer numbers you’ll probably be happier with another guide. If you’re interested in learning new methods, fishing new flies, expanding your general knowledge base, or exploring a river, small stream, or salt pond, I might be the right guide for you. Of course, I will do my best to put you onto fish. I think you learn more when you’re catching. My fly fishing philosophy is pretty straightforward. There are no experts. We all put our waders on one leg at a time, and we all still have something to learn. I’m just a guy who loves to fly fish. I’ve done a lot of it, read a lot about it, written a lot about it, and I’m very enthusiastic about sharing what I’ve learned with others. There are many, many ways to catch fish on a fly rod. In my experience, people fish best when they use methods and flies they have confidence in. Since I am a self-taught fly fisherman, I know the struggles of learning the game. When you’re fishing with me, there are no such things as dumb questions – or for that matter, too many questions. Above all, we’re out to have fun. James Leisenring wrote, “We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours.” It is important to me that you enjoy yourself during our time on the water. Before any outing, I like to talk to my clients so I have a clear understanding of what their goals and expectations are.

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