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  • South Deerfield, Massachusetts 01373
  • Vendor Type: Guides
  • Fishing Type: Freshwater
  • Fishing Style: Fly Fishing
  • Amenities: Our trips include all of your tackle, flies, and lunch
  • Targets: Trout
  • Phone:(413) 834-3148
  • Website: www.squaretailanglers.com
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Square-Tail Anglers

Square Tail Anglers offers fully guided fly fishing float trips on the picturesque Deerfield, Millers, and Swift rivers located in Western Massachusetts.  The owner, Jonathan Bunker, spent his childhood hiking every section of these rivers, exploring every riffle and run to catch trout that rarely see another angler, offering him a unique advantage when guiding float fishing trips down these rivers. With Jonathan’s experience and lunch included (on full day trips), guided trips with Square Tail Anglers will forever be engraved in your memories with anticipation for the next trip on some of New England’s best trout fisheries!

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Trips Available

  • Drift boat guide (float trips) on the Deerfield River
  • Drift boat guide (float trips) on the Millers River
  • Drift boat guide (float trips) on the Swift River


Your Guide

square-tail-anglers-1I grew up on the Deerfield and Millers, exploring every riffle and run, hiking miles along the riverbank to catch trout that rarely saw another fisherman. A trout’s menu may remain the same for weeks or change daily, but either way requires multiple seasons of year-round angling and observation to consistently entice these big brutes to run you into your backing.  I have been guiding on these waters since 2010, initially as a wade guide until I realized the greater opportunity and potential that drift boats encompass for clientele success and enjoyment on these rivers. Thus, my guiding has been directed solely to the use of our 13′ Aire rafts with custom NRS fishing frames. The accessibility to remote sections of these rivers is not only a joy to float through, but offers more chances at absolutely spectacular brutes, some easily in excess of 6 lbs.




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