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Spey Casting North East

  • Farmington, Connecticut 06030
  • Vendor Type: Guides
  • Fishing Type: Freshwater
  • Fishing Style: Fly Fishing
  • Technique: Spey casting with the double handed or single handed fly rod
  • Amenities: We will travel to your location for a clinic
  • Phone: (203) 417-0588
  • Websitewww.speycastingnortheast.com
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We do not guide, sell retail, work for any fly shops or manufacturers. Our only interest is teaching Spey casting with the double handed or single handed fly rod. We are on the pro programs for most of the rod and line manufacturers and have equipment for teaching Scandi, Skagit and Long Belly line spey casting techniques. If you like the new Switch rods or are interested in salt water two hand overhead casting we have appropriate equipment for classes. Fly presentations for swinging the classical Spey flys and Dee flys as well as the newer Intruders on Skagit lines for steelhead is our passion. We also specialize in trout spey fishing with traditional soft hackle flys and fish them year round in local waters.

We are located in Connecticut, our home water is the Farmington River and we will travel to your location for a clinic. Instructors Jerry Jahn and Lisa Weiner.

Teaching casting styles, techniques, rods, lines, and flies.

Member Reviews

Newbie to Sprey Casting

by drhook | Overall Rating:

Apr 21, 2017

I am a complete newbie with Spey casting. Jerry and Lisa introduced me to techniques and information about the sport. They were very helpful and encouraging. I learned alot and look forward to continuing to learn more and further utilize their services. Considering the amount of time and the effort...

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Spey casting northeast

by Djollon27 | Overall Rating:

Sep 08, 2016

Went up to the Farmington in CT and met up with Lisa and Jerry from Spey Casting North East for some 2 handed lessons. They were great, very thorough while at the sane time kept the instructions fun and easy going. They know their stuff, and if you have your...

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What More Could You Ask For?!?!?!?!?

by Dan | Overall Rating:

Jun 28, 2016

Jerry and Lisa.....what can I say... It's as simple as this... 8 solid hours of professional, excellent casting instruction for.....get this....50 Bucks!!!! The instruction was well planned and easy to follow. They took us progressively through the instruction, building and building on what they just taught until all the casts...

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First Class Spey Casting Instruction

by Fred | Overall Rating:

Jun 07, 2016

Jerry Jahn gave a Spey Casting presentation to The Housatonic Fly Fisherman's Association last Saturday on the Housatonic River in Cornwall Ct. He took a difficult, complex subject, simplified it, and made it clear and understandable to novices. He explained the rods, lines and their relationships to successful Spey casting....

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