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U.S.  Coast Guard Licensed – Captain Clyde Arnold
Lake Okeechobee and Holiday Park Fishing Guide

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About Clyde

I enjoy the challenge presented when trying to consistently catch bass, either for fun on the weekend or in a tournament. I have long term goals to be achieved in this sport from a tournament perspective and in the marketplace for my sponsors. I have qualified for the FLW BFL Regionals as well as BASS Regionals for 8 years.

With enthusiasm, a positive attitude and strong communication skills I know I can take the products I represent to the public and into new markets. I have been successful in opening SEACURED FISHING (www.seacuredfishing.com).   I have gained respect from my peers as an honest competitor always willing to help fellow fishermen. This is something I believe the future of bass fishing must be founded on for growth of the sport itself in addition to expanding retail opportunities for the products I represent.

seacuredCompeting is important but it is only part of what being a professional is all about. I place a very high priority on introducing children and their parents to catch and release bass fishing. This is without exception one of the most important responsibilities of the professional fisherman.  I am a U.S. Coast Guard licensed bass fishing guide as well. When guiding or competing in a Pro/Am tournament I have fishermen in my boat all day giving me the opportunity to show the features that set my equipment apart in the marketplace which may compel them to choose that equipment when they are ready to purchase.

Trade shows, seminars, demo rides, writing articles, monitoring web sites and competing in bass tournaments are all venues that I am able to take part in to increase public awareness of my sponsor’s products. I can also get those products into local markets to increase sales and earn my way as my business partnerships mature.

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