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Nushagak River Fishing Lodge

  • Bristol Bay Alaska 99613
  • Vendor Type: Guides, Lodges
  • Fishing Type: Freshwater
  • Fishing Style: Fly Fishing, Spin / Bait Casting
  • Targets: King Salmon
  • Amenities: Equipment, reels, guide and boats, cooked meals, laundry and maid services
  • Phone: (907) 843-1081
  • Website: www.Nushagak River Fishing Lodge
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The Best Alaska Salmon Lodge on the Best Alaska Salmon River. If you like to catch Salmon, I mean lots of Salmon there is only one obvious choice, the Nushagak River Fishing Lodge. We are so confident that we offer the Best Salmon Fishing in Alaska that we even offer a guarantee. You’ve tried the rest now fish with the best!

As the premier Alaska Salmon Lodge on the Nushagak River we offerNushagak River Fishing Lodge 2 some of the finest Salmon Fishing In Alaska. First originated 35 miles downriver by Portage Creek it was soon decided to seek a better location for our Alaskan Fishing Lodge. The lodge now sits high on the riverbank just below one of the Nushagaks major tributary’s called the Kokwok. Another 7 miles north lies the village of Ekowok where our guests fly into. The location of our Alaska Salmon Lodge is very unique and puts us in a very strategic position for catching higher numbers of fish. We have a 14 mile stretch of river all to ourselves.

Our Alaska Salmon Lodge was created for all anglers seeking a high degree of comfort while experiencing the best Salmon Fishing In Alaska.


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Member Reviews

Returning for Sixth Year!

by nhoj | Overall Rating:

Apr 19, 2017

For our fifth year at the Nushagak we once again experienced terrific Silver fishing! And our side trip up the Kokwok produced scores of fish, as well as great ridge-top views. In twenty years of Alaska river fishing we have not found a better combination of fishing, guiding, hospitality, and...

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Incredible salmon fishing!

by AlanHMaclin | Overall Rating:

Apr 01, 2017

Unbeatable salmon fishing with great guides and food

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THE lodge for truly Alaskan fishing experiences

by DougL | Overall Rating:

Mar 22, 2017

My wife Barbara and two good fishing buddies joined me for a week in August for silvers. Despite an unexpected amount of rain, we still had a tremendous time and caught more fish than we anticipated. Rick and the entire staff were warm, accommodating and genuine. Our guide Dallas did...

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5 Trips and going back for more

by Rodger | Overall Rating:

Mar 22, 2017

I have had the pleasure of enjoying five (5) wonderful fishing trips with Rick Murphy at the Nushagak River Fishing Lodge. If you enjoy catching fish, enjoying the Alaska wilderness, great camaraderie then you will greatly enjoy your adventure with Rick Murphy and the Nushagak River Fishing Lodge! My fishing...

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by Uwe | Overall Rating:

Mar 22, 2017

What an extraordinary stay we had at your camp! I have added to my youtube channel my fight with my 36 pound salmon!!! My son also caught a big 32 pounder. The food made by Max, your chef, was really good. According to our guide, Stephan, we caught between 600...

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World Class Fishing with Rick Murphy - Alaska

by geoff | Overall Rating:

Mar 21, 2017

We just finished a week of world-class fishing on the Nush with Rick Murphy and his very professional Nushagak River Fishing Lodge guides and staff. Rick is a straight-shooter and great communicator who owns/runs one heck of a lodge on the banks of a tremendous Alaskan fishery. I spoke/emailed with...

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Dreams do come true!

by Aaron | Overall Rating:

Feb 22, 2017

Like many in the lower 48, I grew up dreaming about the wild country of Alaska. Flipping through dad’s copy of Outdoor Life and Fly Fisherman, I visualized myself swept away to the land of giant bears, big rivers, and wild salmon. I spent many hours and made multiple phone...

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We will be back again and again

by LawyerJohn | Overall Rating:

Feb 22, 2017

Of all the Alaska rivers we have fished, from the Southeast past Cordova to down the Alaska Peninsula, the Nushagak has produced five-star Coho fishing every year. Rick and Nelda Murphy have put together a top-notch package of lodging, eating, equipment, and knowledgeable guides that cannot be beat. We will...

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True Alaskan Fishing Experience

by doug | Overall Rating:

Jan 23, 2017

My wife Barbara and two good fishing buddies joined me for a week in August for silvers. Despite an unexpected amount of rain, we still had a tremendous time and caught more fish than we anticipated. Rick and the entire staff were warm, accommodating and genuine. Our guide Dallas did...

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Salmon Fishing Out of this World!

by Wingstad | Overall Rating:

Jan 21, 2017

Another great year on the "Nush" with Rick and Nelda and crew !! Perhaps the best yet ! I have gone to AK for 14 years, both hunting & fishing and 4 years straight to Rick's camp. As always the fishing is out of this world and the food and...

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Nushagak River Lodge near Ekwok AK

by gpurdue | Overall Rating:

Dec 19, 2016

Late season Silver salmon, rainbows, etc. Rick Murphy and crew do a great job! My 5th trip with them for silvers. All the silvers a person would want. Nice accommodations and good folks. Guides over the years have all been very qualified and fun to be out with.

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Rustic but very nice

by kuhrtkr | Overall Rating:

Sep 30, 2015

An unexpected opportunity came up to go fishing at Nushagak River Fishing Lodge in Alaska August 24-30, 2015. The lodge sent out an email with a special discount to come the last week they were open and I jumped at it. I flew to Anchorage on August 23 and spent...

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The Fish

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Nushagak River Fishing Lodge has one of the most amazing Alaska Salmon Fishing experiences.  The famous Nushagak River located in Bristol Bay Alaska is the backdrop. The Salmon Fishing in Alaskas Nushagak river is considered by many to be the best Alaska Salmon Fishing with millions of salmon returning each year to spawn.Nushagak River Fishing Lodge 5

The Nushagak River Fishing Lodge offers world class King Salmon Fishing, Silver Salmon Fishing, Sockeye Salmon Fishing along with Chum, and Pink Salmon. It’s a Salmon fisherman’s paradise!

Alaska Salmon Fishing at its Finest!

In addition to incredible Alaska Salmon Fishing the Nushagak River Fishing Lodge has an abundance of Rainbow Trout, Grayling, White Fish, and Northern Pike. We promise you that you will never run out of something to catch.

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