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  • Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17015
  • Vendor Type: Guides
  • Fishing Type: Freshwater
  • Fishing Style: Bass Fishing, Spin / Bait Casting
  • Targets: Catfish, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass
  • Amenities: We provide the boat, fishing rods, tackle, safety vests and, of course, help and training if needed from our professional guides
  • Phone: (717) 805-7082
  • Websitewww.koinoniafishingguides.com


Koinonia Guide Service

Guide: Rod Bates

Koinonia Guide Service is your ticket to a great time fishing on the Susquehanna River.

We offer day trips for one or two adults, or one adult and two children. This means you’ll get personal attention from our friendly and experienced guides to make your outing truly memorable and fun.

What makes our Susquehanna River fishing trips different is that the emphasis is on having a relaxing and enjoyable experience, rather than on strictly catching fish. You’ll learn from experts about how to land “the big one,” and whether or not you do, you’re guaranteed to have a great time trying!

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Your Guides

Rod Bates

Rod Bates was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and by his name alone you know he was born to fish. Although he doesn’t remember the times his parents took him riverbank fishing when he was still in diapers, the photographic proof cannot be denied.

At the age of sixteen and with the independence that comes with a driver’s license, Rod began spending much more time on the Susquehanna River. With his flat-bottomed boat and 9.9 horse outboard he spent many hours exploring this great river and it’s awesome fishery. Rod’s love of the battling Smallmouth Bass grew as his experience and knowledge grew. As time passed Rod not only became more proficient at catching these elusive creatures but he also became more and more in demand by friends and associates to take them fishing and show them the ways of the wily bass. Rod began to realize he enjoyed teaching others how to catch fish as much as he enjoyed catching them.

Rod decided he needed a better “bassin’ boat” if he was going to pursue this desire to share his fishing knowledge with others, a boat that was better suited for the shallow water, rapids and rocks of the Susquehanna River and a boat that would provide safety and comfort for three or four people. In 1998 Rod met up with local river expert and professional angler Jay Boettner, and quickly developed a lasting friendship. Jay’s knowledge and expertise of fishing the Susquehanna River is second to none. Jay convinced Rod to purchase an outboard jet powered, aluminum bass rig. Jay also began tutoring Rod on boating and fishing knowledge.

Not long afterward Rod met up with professional angler and multiple “World Record” holder Will Whitehead, and soon developed a lasting friendship with him.

With this additional mentoring and knowledge and properly equipped “River Bassin’ Rig,” Rod had the confidence to establish his guide business. In 1999 Rod began “Koinonia Guide Service” (Koinonia means “Fellowship” in Greek). Rod has hosted many “high profile” clients in his career as river guide, however his true love still rests with sharing his skills and knowledge with kids. He often does father and son outings and even mother and daughter pairings.

Rod’s love of fishing isn’t limited to the Susquehanna River. Each year he puts together a group of “diehards” and plans, coordinates and hosts a seven-day trip to Alaska for Salmon and Halibut fishing. He also enjoys fishing for other river species, inshore and offshore saltwater fishing and most importantly, he enjoys spending time in a boat with his lovely wife Linda and daughters, Kristen and Britney.

Dave Neuman

Dave Neuman was born 6-25-59 and grew up fishing thru out Pa. He is an owner in the family Business Good Time Ice Company and resides in Lewisberry PA. Dave lives in a log home on a farm where he has created the near perfect “Sportsman’s Abode” with lots of wildlife habitat, a stocked pond and the meandering Conowago Creek at his border.

Dave often invites Church Groups, Youth Groups, Sportsmen and friends to share this special part of his world.

Dave grew up fishing throughout Pennsylvania and he still ventures to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for both Smallmouth Bass, and Walleye, The Upper Chesapeake Bay for stripers and Shad, and the Susquehanna River, just below Conowingo Dam, for stripers, Shad, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. His favorite area for fishing is the section of the Susquehanna River from York Haven Dam to the Fabridam in Sunbury. Depending on water stages, river temps and time of year, you will find Dave somewhere on this stretch of river targeting either Walleyes or Smallmouth Bass. Dave is not particular on which species of fish he is catching, as long as he is catching lots of them.

Look up the words “Modest” and “Low Key” in the dictionary, and there could easily be a picture of Dave there. But don’t let this fool you! Dave’s easy going style and modest demeanor hide the mind and soul of a “Die Hard” angler. Dave spends more time on the water than anyone we know of. He has developed innovations in lure choices and color selections for both Smallmouth Bass and Walleye and he has definitely contributed too much of our fishing success in past seasons.

Dave is also and avid Grouse hunter and when the water is iced over, or it is too blustery to fish, you can find him running the ridges with Rose and Jo his two German Short Hair Pointers. Dave books a very limited number of guided “Grouse Hunts” each year, so if you’re interested in one of these special outings, get your request in early.

Dave’s love of fishing is only surpassed by his love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and he is a true testament of how everyone should treat their fellow man.

We are proud to welcome Dave Neuman as one of our newest members of the Koinonia Guide Service “Pro Staff” and can assure you that a day on the river, guided by Dave, will be an enjoyable, memorable and satisfying experience.

Tony Cicero

Tony Cicero was born and raised on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He grew up less than a mile from the Susquehanna River and fished whenever he could. He spent his summers on Beech Island while growing up and now owns his own retreat there.

This house serves as his summer residence and allows Tony to constantly monitor the river conditions and fish activity. This helps to make Tony and invaluable asset to “Koinonia Guide Service,” sharing his fishing information with our other guides. Tony is exploring the idea of putting fishing cabins on the island and offering our clients one or multiple day fishing adventures on the Susquehanna River. Tony now lives in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, with his wife Denise, children and grandchildren.

Tony is an accomplished guide and bass tournament angler, and has been blessed to have been able to fish tournaments with all three of his children. Not only have they all fished tournaments with their dad, but they have been in the winner’s circle on many occasions. It won’t be long until his remaining children and grandsons will be fishing and winning tournaments with Tony as well.

Tony has fished from Maine to Florida and from the Mid-Atlantic states to the West Coast and Alaska. It does not matter to Tony if he is fishing salt water or fresh water, he just enjoys catching fish. Although Tony has fished all over the United States, his favorite place to fish is the Susquehanna River for his beloved Smallmouth Bass, particularly in the stretch of the river form Marietta to North of Danville.

Tony owns his own specialty contracting company, which allows him to be very flexible and able to run guide trips seven-days-a-week for us. Tony runs an 18 foot “”Rivertrail” aluminum river rig, powered by a 115 horsepower Yamaha Jet Drive outboard. This boat provides a comfortable and safe ride for our clients and has plenty of room to fish one, two or even three anglers. Tony’s boat will handle the roughest 2 foot chop with ease and will travel and maneuver in inches of water. This rig, and Tony’s extensive knowledge of and experience on the river, allows Tony to get his clients into shallow water areas where most other anglers fear to travel. Tony specializes in putting his clients onto “BIG FISH,” and every season accounts for many citation size “Smallies” for his clients. Tony observes, “Numbers of small fish can always be caught, but those 17 to 20 inch “Hawgs” are much more of a challenge to catch.”

Many years ago, before I stated “Koinonia Guide Service,” my wife hired Tony to take she and I on a guided fishing trip on the Susquehanna River. I appreciated Tony’s teaching ability and the fact that he got us on quality fish. This experience was the beginning of a long and steadfast friendship which has now evolved into a business relationship, as we welcome Tony to our “Koinonia Family.” Tony has demonstrated the knowledge, skill, personality and temperament that we require of all our guides and we are pleased that Tony has agreed to accept a “Pro Staff” position with us here at “Koinonia Guide Service.” We are confident you will have an enjoyable, productive and memorable experience fishing with and being guided by Tony.

Brian Dauberman

Brian was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania and now resides in Mifflinburg, PA. He is married to his wife, Debbie, and works third shift at Conagra Foods. Brian is blessed with the ability to be able to run on very little sleep which works perfectly for his job and his love of fishing. He is able to work all night and fish most of the day.

Brian’s childhood years were spent fishing Penns Creek and many other streams and lakes around his home. His first love of fishing as a youth was fly fishing for anything that would take his fly, but he has since grown to love fishing for bass and walleye in lakes and rivers.

The passion Brian has for fishing is well known and people don’t greet him with a typical “Hello, how are you?” but with a “How are the fish biting?” Brian is well known in the area for his expertise and talent for putting fish in the boat no matter what the water or weather conditions are. This expertise has enabled Brian to win numerous tournaments over the past 10 years and he has been fortunate to be able to fish many tournaments with his father and brothers. He has fished the Wal-Mart, BFL Division as a Co-Angler and has four top ten finishes out of six events he has entered. He continues to fish the Anglers Choice Series and also fishes many local tournaments as well. He recently won the Berwick Tournament on the Susquehanna River in which he had to best an 80 boat field. Brian is always a force to be reckoned with when fishing the Susquehanna River. He makes many of his own lures which gives him enjoyment when he catches fish on them and it also gives him an advantage when fishing tournaments.

When asked, “Do you ever get tired of fishing?” Brian responds swiftly and emphatically “Never

We are proud to welcome Brian as our newest member to our Koinonia Guide Service Pro Staff and we know that his passion for fishing, willingness to share his knowledge, friendly demeanor and knowledge of the upper portions of the Susquehanna River will be a great asset to our business and a blessing to anyone who has the opportunity to be guided by him.


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