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John Morawski

  • Manchester Center, Vermont 05255
  • Vendor Type: Guides
  • Fishing Type: Freshwater
  • Fishing Style: Fly Fishing
  • Amenities: All fly fishing equipment is furnished at no extra cost and lunch on full day outings.
  • Targets: Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Phone: (802) 362-2072
  • Website: www.outdoorswithjohnmorawski.com


Fly fishing is one of those special gifts that keep on giving. The pristine places we experience while pursuing this john-morawski-fishinggrand sport can be breathtaking. The intricate workings of Nature unfold for us as we endeavor to become proficient fly fishing people as well. Our quarry can vary from wild Brook Trout, native to our Vermont streams, to King Salmon in Alaska, or Bluegills in a farm pond to Tarpon in Belize.

I’ve enjoyed fishing in some pretty incredible places. Argentina and Alaska are the two most distant. Both had fantastic fishing with two very different cultures, scenery and wildlife. The fish had very little pressure from anglers in most streams, which made them a bit naive to the fly line.

Here in Vermont it is quite the contrary, our trout all have doctojohn-morawski-fishing-troutrates degrees and study our offerings with bifocals. A bit of an exaggeration, but nonetheless it’s challenging and that’s what makes it fun. Learning the intricacies of Trout is so rewarding. I spent so many years with so little success until the last fifteen years or so the puzzle really started falling into place. It’s said that 10% of the fisher people catch 90% of the fish. That’s probably not too far off.

This is where I come in. Enabling a person to dramatically improve their learning curve gives me tremendous satisfaction. I love to see the big smile when someone says, “This sure
makes it easier, or never realized that”. Helping guests have more fun through facilitating the learning experience is a reward all in itself.
-John Morawski

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