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The Complete Fly Fisher has cared for anglers from across the globe since 1967. Perched on the banks of Montana’s Big Hole River we offer superb guided fly fishing adventures on the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Bitterroot and Jefferson rivers, spacious and private accommodations, gourmet dining and grand hospitality in a breath taking setting. We accommodate a limited guest list of 12 anglers and carefully craft fly fishing adventures tailored to fit every guest. We have been honored to care for generations of clients that return each season to enjoy this place with us. Our staff is wholly dedicated to each and every aspect of our offering and we pride ourselves in offering the finest in guided fly fishing adventures under this Big Sky!

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Our Guides

David Decker

David decker complete fly fisher
David is one of the owners of the Complete Fly Fisher. He began fly fishing as a child and may still be in his childhood phase when it comes to fishing. His angling passion has taken him around the world but always back to Montana. David is an accomplished casting instructor, fly-tier and still guides on occasion. Spending a day with him will be unforgettable.

I fish because I love to. I can’t help it. – David Decker

Max lewis

max lewis the complete fly fisher
Max is a Butte native making him a veteran of the Big Hole long before he was a guide. One may find him on the Oregon shoreline waiting for the perfect wave, the beaches of Sri Lanka where he has set up shop to help natives learn to speak English, armpit deep in New Zealand’s finest brown trout waters, ten miles back in the pioneer mountains packing elk meat with his pals. Honestly, Max has too many attributes to be mentioning here, you need to fish with this cat!

If I only had gills! — Max Lewis

Wayne Clayton

wayne clayton complete fly fisher
Wayne has been guiding here since 1983. We are lucky to have someone with his experience on this crew. He has fished the rivers of Montana for trout and the rivers of British Columbia for giant steelhead for a very long time. Some of our guests have fished with Wayne year after year, for more than 2 decades. He is “steady as she goes” and never gets riled up. Wayne is a superb casting instructor and highly skilled angler in his own right. As our resident fly tier in the off-season, he is always honing his angler skills. “Wayno,” as he is known, is an avid reader and brings a special knowledge on board with his anglers.Tight lines! – Wayne Clayton

David Jones

david jones complete fly fisher
DJ, as he is known, showed up on our boat launch with rod and gear in hand the spring of 1991. He brings a peaceful spirit to his time with you on the river. Perhaps the most intuitive of our guides, he leads the angler to the fish with a quiet hand. He is a wonderful stalker of trout and loves to develop and fish gooey surface film flies, perfect for the pickiest sipper. With DJ at the helm, the day is full of the beauty of the river.For twenty-five years, I have been a guide. I hope I get twenty-five more. – David Jones

Jeremy Gneiting

jeremy gneiting complete fly fisherJeremy was born on the banks of the Big Hole and has fished it since he was just a little boy. Jeremy has been with us since 1992. A true mountain man, Jeremy knows every rock and cranny on this river along with about twenty others. He is at home in the outdoors and never stops working to find and fool trout for his anglers or teach them new skills. When he is not guiding or fishing for himself he is stalking the high mountain forests looking for Elk and Deer with his long bow. Having Jeremy as a guide is like a day with Jeremiah Johnson.

Just one more cast! — Jeremy Gneiting

Gary Tilton

gary tilton complete fly fisher
Gary has been with us since 2005. After cleaning boats and running shuttles throughout his first year of apprenticeship, he is now part of our full time guide staff. Gary learned how to dry fly fish on the banks of Silver Creek and other southwestern Idaho waters. As an avid angler with a love for the outdoors, Gary is always in tune with what is going on, in and on the water. If it is stalking big browns in shallow water, working that perfect riffle, fishing the early morning hatch, Gary is always ready for whatever it takes to catch big fish. His honesty, responsible manor and kind demeanor are the backbone of his guiding. One should never pass up a chance to fish with “Big Garr.”To me fishing is like art. It’s in my blood. – Gary Tilton


kyle complete fly fisher
Kyle has been a guide in southwestern Montana for the past 14 seasons. During these years he has become a seasoned veteran on some of the west’s finest waters. Whether you are dredging nymph rigs for giant Beaverhead browns or smacking his favorite Salmon fly pattern on the banks of the Big Hole River, he will surely have you dialed in on the best fishing Montana has to offer. His easy going, no pressure attitude makes any day on the river fun, enjoyable and also a learning experience. Kyle made his way to southwestern Montana via UM-Western located in Dillon, Mt. He graduated from UM-W in the spring of 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, teaches and coaches high school football.

Kelly Kimsey

kelly kimsey complete fly fisher
Kelly Kimzey was raised in the rugged wilds of NW Montana. Here is where he learned to fish with a predator like instinct. In the mid 80’s when Kelly was about fifteen he moved with his family to SW Montana. To Kelly this was an entirely new experience. The waters were rich with life and full of fish. Kelly literally immersed himself in the Beaverhead and upper Big Hole. Although Kelly has had been a career guy with the State of Montana, he has held a guide license since the early 90’s and has managed to log more professional days than any one we can think of. Although he is big enough to pick up the river and turn it around his method of teaching is patient, kind and soft to the touch. A week with Kelly is hard to book because his regulars rarely give him the chance at new anglers, so if he is free, never pass on the chance to learn, fish and experience our rivers with a true pro.“To sum it all up, one must fish to live” – Kelly Kimsey



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