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Outer Banks Fishing Charters

  • 52084 Piney Ridge Rd Frisco, North Carolina 27936
  • Vendor Type: Guides, Charters / Boats
  • Fishing Type: Saltwater
  • Fishing Style: Sport Fishing
  • Technique: sport fishing, inshore, flounder gigging, bow fishing, shark fishing, cobia fishing & fly fishing
  • Amenities: tower station, bathroom, all tackle, equipment and bait. No license needed we have a NC blanket license
  • Targets: Stripers, Redfish, Mackerel, Albacore, Tarpon, Cobia
  • Phone: (252) 475-0402 Websitewww.outerbanksfishing.org


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Outer Banks Fishing Charters

Fingeance Sportfishing Charters

We offer affordable charters that will make your NC Outer Banks visit or vacation a memory of a lifetime.  Our Fishing Charters will take you to the fish.  Ride aboard the safe, fast, and comfortable Fin-geance, a custom-built, true Carolina sportfishing boat.  She’s loaded down with fish-catching electronics and equipped with a cobia tower to give her an unmatched visual and technological advantage.  The right boat makes the trip more comfortable and more productive.  Even better is the versatility offered by the Fin-geance.  She allows us to target species in Pamlico Sound, Albemarle Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean.  No matter what style of fishing you prefer, we can put you on the fish.

Guide: Captain Joey VanDyke

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Your Captain

Captain Joey VanDyke prides himself in knowing and learning all he can about fish.  He studies their habitats, feeding habits, growth cycles, and life cycles. Outer-Banks-Fishing-CaptainWith many years charter fishing and a 4 year college degree in Aquaculture and Ag Science, Joey is not your average captain or fisherman!

He’s always seeking new ideas and techniques to catch fish and has always been eager to learn from those who are willing to share their knowledge. It turns out that you can teach an old dog new tricks!  With Joey’s vast knowledge of the history of fishing coupled with his in-depth understanding of new fishing techniques, you are sure to have one of the most exciting, entertaining, and educational fishing trips of your life!

The Boat – Fingeance

Meet the Fingeance, a custom-built, Carolina-style fishing machine.  She’s a perfect mixture of form and function.  Her graceful Carolina flare slices through waves and chop like a chainsaw.  Her cobia tower provides us an unfair visual advantage.  She even has a bathroom!  The Fingeance is the perfect Outer Banks Fishing Boat. fingeance

Fingeance is armed with a secret weapon.  Her tower station provides us the unusual ability to gain a new perspective of the water.  Standing far above water, Capt. Joey has a helm by which he can control the boat while seeing a birds-eye view of the fish.  Cobia fishing is substantially more productive with a little visual relief.  Sighting tarpon is made easier.


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