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Great Gadzooks Maine

  • Bath Maine 04530
  • Vendor Type: Charters / Boats
  • Fishing Type: Saltwater
  • Fishing Style: Bass Fishing
Angler Endorsed
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Great Gadzooks Maine

Come to the Beautiful Maine Coast for Maine Striper Fishing, Bluefish, and Mackerel. The World Famous Kennebec River offers fishing on nearby Beaches, Bays,and Flats. Fish come from Cold Atlantic Waters and are Green and Strong! The Kennebec has one of the two New England Native Striper Populations! These Native Maine Stripers spawn right here in the Kennebec River, and are fat, Healthy and Fight Hard! The River has great fishing because of its many Estuaries and Tributaries where Forage Fish come to spawn. Millions of fish return to the Kennebec every year, and the Stripers feast on them!

Great Gadzooks Maine Tidewater fishing on the Coast of Maine.

Targets: Striped Bass

Guide: Captain Johan Brouwer

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