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Captain Tim Simos

  • Fort Pierce, Florida 34945
  • Vendor Type: Charters / Boats
  • Fishing Type: Saltwater
  • Fishing Style: Spin / Bait Casting

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Captain Tim Simos

Captain Tim Simos offers customized Goliath Grouper fishing charters.

The pursuit of Goliath Grouper is a dangerous undertaking and comes with inherent risks, as these fish commonly weigh between 100 and 400 pounds and more. It is recommended that only physically fit individuals engage in this segment of sport fishing.

The harvest of goliath grouper in U.S. waters has been prohibited since 1990. Since then their numbers have increased many fold. There has been and still is, a catch and release only fishery for goliath grouper in Vero Beach and the rest of Florida.

The maximum known age of a goliath grouper is 37 years, but they are thought to possibly live to 50 years or more. A common perception among anglers is that large and abundant goliath groupers eat other groupers and snappers and thus substantially decrease the abundance of the fish that fishermen are targeting. Capt. Tim Simos has seen where aggressive goliath grouper can make it almost impossible to land a fish and often break tackle not meant to catch them.

Targets: Goliath Grouper

Guide: Captain Tim Simos

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