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  • Florence, Vermont 05744
  • Vendor Type: Charters / Boats
  • Fishing Type: Freshwater
  • Fishing Style: Spin / Bait Casting
  • Targets: Brown Trout, Salmon, Northern Pike, Steelhead, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass
  • Phone: (802) 345-7949
  • Websitewww.3rdalarmcharters.com


3rd Alarm Charters

We at 3rd Alarm Charters & Guide Service offer adrenaline filled Group Charters, scenic drift boat trips & fast paced waterfowl hunts on the waters of the Champlain Valley in Vermont, The Hudson River & the World Class fishery of the eastern basin of Lake Ontario in New York!

Our Guided Fishing Trips offer a more personnel touch to the trip with emphasis on targeting specific species & instruction on specific fishing techniques. 3rdalarm-big fish-vtThese trips are offered in Vermont on the many water bodies & waterways in western Vermont & the Champlain basin. Bass ( both Smallmouth & Largemouth) , Northern Pike & occasionally Walleye & Panfish will all be targeted. These can be either drift boat or three person canoe, covering spring, early summer & fall. We also offer scenic fall foliage tours from mid September to Mid October in these same bodies of water.

The world famous Salmon River on the east end of Lake Ontario is also a destination we offer for our Salmon River Trips from late fall to the first of May. Steelhead will be our primary target but Brown Trout & Coho Salmon will also be encountered! Drift Boat & bank guiding are both option that we may employ in the same trips with varying tactics for the novice to the experienced fisherman.’

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The Fish

Salmon River, on the east End of Lake Ontario has the Salmon River Fish Hatchery at it’s head waters, which raises a vast majority of the young Trout & Salmon that go into the Lake Ontario system. This combined with the fertile cold waters that run out of the Tug Hill Plateau make the river a destination that can rival many of the West Coast river systems. Huge runs of King & Coho Salmon begin entering the Salmon River in early September, letting there noses lead them to the water & grounds they were spawned from. We mainly target these fish from the last two weeks of September to mid October. Back trolling with plugs is our primary way of taking these hard fighting fish, so depending on water flows we will primarily be fishing the upper river area.

We target Steelhead after the fall Salmon run has occurred, beckoning huge numbers of fish into the river to gorge them selves on the never ending amounts of Salmon eggs flowing down the river. We also pick up Brown Trout, Coho Salmon & the occasional late run King Salmon, but Steelhead are our main quarry. We employ many tactics with Spinning, Fly gear & Trolling Rods while float fishing, bottom bouncing or back trolling “plugs” or lures for these chrome silver bullets!

We float fish the upper river section from Altmar to the Route 2A bridge upstream of Pulaski, river flows will dictate drift distance & time line. We also can bank guide on the lower sections of the river to the border of the Douglaston Salmon Run, but are not limited to just the Main River as many of the outlying tributaries that feed into the east end of the lake also have fantastic runs of Trout & Salmon with much less pressure.

St.Catherine, Bomoseen, Hortonia & Chittenden Dam and secluded waters of Rutland & Addison counties of Vermont. Tactics from top water, drop shotting, jigging & casting baits with spinning gear…to casting large streamer flies & popper bugs with 6 & 8 weight fly rods will be employed targeting Vermont Bass & Pike.

Your Captain

Being in the Fire Service for over 20 years made it easy for me to base the name of our Charter Service! Hi Folks, I am your 3rd-alarm-capt-mattCaptain Matt Trombley. I hold a United States Coast Guard Master Captains License & a New York State Guides License, along with being a CPR certified Emergency Medical Technician. I am a member of theVermont Outdoor Guides Association & am well networked with many other Guides & Captains in Vermont & the Northeast. Our Charter & Guide Service is fully licensed & insured; we carry all of the Coast Guard compliant equipment to make your trip a safe and pleasureable one. We carry nothing but the best Rods, Reels, Lures & Tackle, to make sure we put the best effort forward in your quest for the trophy of a life time of a cooler full of filets to take home with you!

I have grown up hunting & fishing the woods & waters of Vermont & New York my whole life! I have been fortunate enough to hunt and fish in Thirteen different states & Canadian Provinces in the years since graduating from high school.

The Boats

The “Flashpoint” is our second charter boat, predeceasing our previous 25ft Penn Yan. She is a 28ft Baha Cruisers 280 Fisherman hardtop with twin 260hp Pleasurecraft inboard engines. She has a comfortable cuddy equipped 3rdalarm-fishing-boatwith an on board head (bathroom), plenty of space for five fishermen to enjoy an all day trip in anything that mother nature can dish out! Baha’s are well known in the Lake Ontario arena, the Flashpoint is no exception as she has put in her share of hours on the Big O’ as well! Her Engines & stringers were upgraded in 2010, putting her in service for another 20 years of great times on the water! Her 10ft wide beam provides a spacious fishing deck that can handle heavy seas & still allow for a safe,stable day on the water.

Our 17ft Smokercraft Drift Boat provides us with a dual purpose vessel for many different venues & functions. Smokercraft designed the hull of this drift boat for use of a outboard motor in a well that is cut out directly3rdalarm-drift-boat behind the oarsmen. That being said, the boat is ideally suited for still water or moving water. She is rated with a 850 pound capacity and is a very stable platform for stillwater bass angling, open water duck hunting & of course where she has put most her time on the water, drifting the Salmon River for Trout & Salmon. The boat can seat up to four passengers but is comfortably suited for three. This makes her ideal for 2 on 1 guided trips in the many bodies of water in our area!

Our 16ft Lincoln Canoe is one more tool we utilize for more personel small bodies of water & waterways. The Lincoln can carry three passengers, but also has a square stern that allows for a small electric outboard motor to be mounted on the back & give us a little extra push 3rd-alarm-fishing-vt-canoeon those windy days. This vessel is great for some of the more remote ponds & the Otter Creek of Rutland and Addison counties as well as some of the back water slews of lake Champlain, that we not only bass & pike fish in it, but waterfowl hunt as well.

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