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Fishing News from Sportsmens Compass

Top Fly Fishing Shops in New Hampshire

Top Fly Fishing Shops in New Hampshire   We checked with our friends @  Flyfishingnh.com, a forum for New Hampshire Fly Fisherman for their top fly shops in New Hampshire and below are their recommendations. North Country Angler – North Conway, NH The North Country Angler is a full service fly fishing shop. We stock …

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Lawsuit Filed Agains Feds Over Columbia River Salmon

columbia River salmon steelhead

A recent lawsuit has been filed agains the Federal Government by a number of environmental agencies. The lawsuit is intended to enact a temperature pollution budget on the Columbia River watershed. The goal is to keep the water temperatures on the river low enough to provide Salmon and Steelhead with proper spawning conditions. The …

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Farmington River, CT – Fly Fishing Tailwater

Farmington River, CT – A Tailwater The Facts The Farmington River in Connecticut is nearly 47 miles in length. This rivers major tributaries extend into southwest Massachusetts. At the longest branch, the West Branch, the length increases to 80 miles, making it Connecticut longest tributary. The River’s watershed covers 609 square miles. Headwaters for both main branches of the Farmington …

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Safe Ice Chart

ice safety chart ice fishing

This safe ice chart will demonstrate when it is safe to go ice fishing, as well as when it’s safe to drive your ATV, car or truck out onto the ice. REMEMBER, this is for clear, black ice. Ice with snow or water on top is not as strong. During warm spells, ice depth …

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Pre Fishing Season Shopping List

pre fishing season shopping list

Ok, we’re all thinking it. It’s getting close to spring. Spring means the start of the fishing season for many of us, and we’re going to need to restock, reload and repair our equipment before we get back out there. We’ve compiled a list of things you may need.   Fly Fishing   Rio Powerflex …

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Family Lands Giant 14 Pound Rainbow Trout Ice Fishing

Family catches monster rainbow trout ice fishing

What an awesome day the Lusk family had… they managed to bring a 31.5 inch, 14 pound rainbow trout through the ice on what looks to be a panfish ice fishing rod. The video captures the pure excitement they had during the battle, and it makes you wish you were there! Just in case …

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$1,000,000 Bounty On Invasive Asian Carp

Invasive asian carp lake michigan reward

The Michigan Department of National Resources has put up $1,000,000 for anyone who can come up with a successful way to stop the spread of invasive Asian carp species from entering the Great Lakes system. A 7 Billion dollar fishing industry is at stake here, and they are not playing around. The DNR says the …

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Tailing Bonefish – Tips from a Guide

Tailing Bonefish  One of the most exhilarating sights in the world of shallow water fishing is watching a group of bonefish on a flat, happily waving and shaking their tails as they dig the bottom searching for food. We usually find this feeding behavior around the low tides, whether it is the last part …

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New Invasive Aquatic Plant Hits Great Lakes Hard

Starry Stonewart

A new invasive aquatic plant, Starry Stonewort, is beginning to grow rapidly in Michigan’s lower peninsula. This plant was first discovered in the St. Lawrence River system in the late 70’s but it was never much of a problem species. Recently, the growth has skyrocketed, and scientists are scrambling to learn more about the …

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Tips For Catching Backwater Trout

backwater fly fishing for trout

Fishing in backwater channels for trout can often seem like a fools errand. These waters are often muddy bottomed, slow moving and brush filled, making them undesirable to fish. But to a wise trout, these can be the perfect places to feed during the middle of the day. Experienced anglers can target the largest …

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