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Fishing News from Sportsmens Compass

Scrap Plastic Turned Into Fish Habitat

recycled plastic fish structure

Biologists in Kentucky have been hooking two fish with one lure; they are keeping plastic out of a landfill by turning it into small structures that will attract algae, aquatic insects and fish. By using free, scrap materials from Atmos Energy, a natural gas company, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has …

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50lb Carp Caught in Los Angeles Park

eddie salmeron 50 lb la carp

It’s always in the places you least expect. A group of anglers from the “California Ghetto Carping Club,” as it is affectionately known, have put a 50 pound fish on the concrete. Just under 2 pounds shy of the state record, Eddie Salmeron says this is his personal best, and we’re guessing it will …

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Cod Fishing: On the Decline? or Rebound?


Scientists ands fishermen disagree… The current state of the Cod population in New England is up for debate. Scientists say the population is down 80 percent from where it was just decades ago, while fishermen claim that it is back to it’s former glory, with good catch numbers coming in from many different boats. …

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Fishing Review Contest

We know you want to share your favorite fishing tales; so do it!  Your story helps other anglers plan new trips. Spring is here WOO-HOO!  Time for you to share your best tail on guides, charters, lodges.      Rules: Contest runs through April 15th. Every review counts as one entry. Prize = $50 …

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Nine Year Old Lands 600 Pound Sturgeon

kegan rothman white sturgeon 600

9 year old Kegan Rothman has probably caught the biggest fish of life already; a 600 pound White Sturgeon on the Fraser River in Chilliwack, British Columbia. After a gruesome 2 hour battle, Kegan was able to land this gigantic sturgeon with the help of his father. We’re impressed to say the least.

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The Everglades Foundation – #NowOrNeverglades

everglades foundation

  The Everglades is in need of attention. Not next month, not next year, but right now. South Florida Environmental activists have been trying their hardest to get nationwide attention on this issue, and the window of opportunity to act is closing. Please watch the above video, and read the excerpt below from The …

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Dan Laffin – CT Trout Company

ct trout company

    Meet Dan Laffin from CT Trout Company Fishing the Farmington River in Connecticut. “Providing an exceptional guided experience for anglers of all skill levels” What is your first fishing memory?  I think my first fishing memory is fishing from the beach on Cape Cod when I was about four. My memory is …

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Guide Cast

Guide Cast – Meet your next Guide, Charter or Lodge       Planning a fishing trip?   A day with a guide, a week at a lodge is a big commitment, of both time and money.   Sportsmens Compass – Guide Cast are video chats with guides, charters & lodges. Informative, descriptive videos. Hear …

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Farmington River Resource Page

farmington river hatch chart

Looking to fish the Farmington River for the first time? Then this page is for you! Are you a seasoned Farmington Angler who’s looking to stay up to date with what’s going on? This page is also for you! Here you will find fishing access maps, fishing reports, news and more about the West …

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Man Busted For Stealing $3,800 of Fishing Equipment From Walmart

fishermen caught stealing fishing equipment from walmart

  An Ohio man, Derrick Marcum, was caught stealing $1,300 of equipment from a Walmart in Forest Park, Ohio. He had stuffed two backpacks full of gear and was caught trying to leave the store. Now, this gave officers a lead on another unsolved robbery at a different Walmart a day prior. That thief had filled 5 …

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