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Northwest Salmon Fisheries Yielding Low Returns

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May 24, 2017
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Bad news out of the northwest corner of North America, with many fisheries being closed early due to low fish returns. Officials are calling for a close to the season on some rivers in order to protect what remains of the fish stock.

The Columbia River system is seeing a low number of Steelhead in the river. The Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife may call for restrictions on the upcoming season. following a lower-than-expected run the year prior, the state is taking a cautious approach to this year’s management.

Areas of British Columbia and southern Alaska are seeing mixed results. systems like the Nushugak are expecting normal, healthy returns, where as systems like the Stikine River are planning on closing the season due to extremely low return.

Hopefully things make a change as the year progresses, we can only hope.


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