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Fishing Guru – Ron Poehailos – 3TAND

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Ron Poehailos

  • Home Waters: Long Island Sound

  • State: Connecticut

  • SkillSet: Spokesmen

  • Website: www.3TAND







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How did you get started in the fishing business? 
I led all marketing and branding efforts for Van Staal, back in the mid-90’s. I was involved in product development stages and promotional activities, this is when the fishing industry took hold of me, my passion for it was very strong. In 2005 I also helped launch ZeeBaaS, which I personally feel is the best waterproof spinning reel for the hardcore fishermen. This year I acquired the brand and will bring it to the next level.
Everyone is intrigued by the name “3-TAND.” Tell us what it means and the genesis of the brand.
3-TAND means trident in Dutch. A tand is also a prong and 3 represents the 3rd reel brand I brought to market. Greek mythology intrigues me and the trident is a big part of it.
You recently partnered with Stu Apte on a line of  limited series reels.  Tell us about your relationship with Stu and what we should know about the reels.
I was fortunate to meet Stu last year at IFTD/ICAST. He was impressed with our reels and price points. We kept in touch and in January we agreed to make a fly reel signature series that would be priced less than many other collectors series on the market. This year we launched a 5-wt, 7-wt, big game 9-wt and 12-wt. The thought process behind the design of the reels is all from Stu, from the inward arrow pattern machined into the frame – representing the catch, to the photography from his favorite photographer Pat Ford, to the laser photo engraving done by Erich Bittmann of TroutNV.com of Montana all Stu. We are also working with Vedavoo to develop a custom carrying case for this collection. All reels and carrying cases can be personalized for each owner.
Regarding Stu, it is simply an honor to know this man. He is more than an IGFA Hall of Famer or Angling Legend, he is a genuine individual and someone I am proud to call a “friend”. The books he published speaks of his life and inspires the industry, but the man himself is simply down to earth.
You produce fly reels but will also be selling spin reels in the coming months.  Tell us about the ZeeBaaS brand and why you feel it’s important to offer spin reels.
Rod and reel in hand, respecting our fisheries and improving the industry and our waters is what it is about. 3-TAND has a complete line of fly reels (1/2-wt to 15/16-wt). Expanding into the spinning reel industry makes the most sense in building our brand and supporting what we stand for. Like our fly reels, ZeeBaaS is designed for the fishermen in Montauk, who fish in the harshest conditions. It’s built like a tank and can take the punishment any true angler could put it through.
What can we expect to see from 3-TAND over the next year?
Having 3-TAND, ZeeBaaS and Hansom Tackle under our umbrella is going to require a lot of effort. Improved product inventory, dealer support and customer service are the 3 top priorities.
You’ve been successful in growing 3-TAND in a short period of time.  What do you attribute the success too?
Back in the mid-90s I helped launch Van Staal and that was one of the most expensive reels on the market. Today, we won’t develop anything less than high-quality, but regarding price, we are trying to make fishing tackle more reasonable for dedicated anglers. Having a high-quality product line and selling them at mid-range prices is one of the reasons our brand experienced rapid growth. The other factor is our customer service ethics. Unlike large companies, we can provide dedicated and personal customer service not only to our dealers, but to their customers.
For someone not familiar with the 3-TAND, what should they know about your products and brand?
Quality outweighs cost, and extreme customer service is something they will receive. We had an opportunity to produce a 30-second spot for the 2016 International Fly Fishing Films (IF4) and instead of touting our products, we took the opportunity to thank the thousands of anglers who fish with 3-TAND.