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Mike Alberghini


Fishing Guru – Michael Albergini

  • Home Waters: Upper Delaware System

  • State: New York

  • Skill Set: All Around BadAss

  • Favorite Lure/Fly: #16 Rusty Spinner

  • If you were a fish what would you be? I would be an Anglerfish, because that way I could still fish, even if I myself was a fish.

  • Website: www.nessiehunter.co.uk










When did you start fishing?


I really don’t  remember how old I was when I started fishing. Probably around 8 or so. I was lucky enough to have a very small pond in my backyard that had sunfish, bullheads and shiners in it. That kept me occupied until I got a little older and dumped largemouth in it…


Dream setup (rig/whatever the terminology)?


My dream setup…. I’m not sure if I’ve found it yet, but it would probably be an 11 foot 3 weight nymphing rod that balanced a lightweight reel, like a Hatch 3 plus. And a nice skinny euro nymph line to balance that can still cast a dry fly.


When not fishing what do you do?


When I’m not fishing, I’m working on rusty subarus or snowboarding


Favorite gear?


Uhhhhh, currently my favorite piece of gear is my Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling Pack. I won it at the Somerset show in a raffle during the FFFT show. I thought I would hate it… but I love it!


Favorite drink?


If I had to choose one thing to drink for the rest of my life it would be either Guinness or Water.




Ghini, Guinea, Weendog, Spanky, and then a long list of cursewords attatched to nouns


Not so secret talent?


Fixing stuff. Maybe not the best way, but I’ll fix it. Favorite tools include zip ties and duct tape.


Afraid of?


Heights? I don’t like heights but it its not a crippling fear. I think I’m most afraid of being idle and not accomplishing anything. I have to always be making moves.


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