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1. I am planning a fishing trip, how can Sportsmen’s Compass help?

Search a new fishing  destination to find a guide, a charter boat, a lodges or fishing/fly/tackle shops and read reviews from fellow Anglers – sharing their experiences.  Wondering about fishing licenses, specie and more? Use our fishing reports/license page everything categorized by state/country.

2. I own a fishing lodge / guide / charter / tackle/fly shop. Why should I list on Sportsmen’s Compass?

The combination of positive user reviews, information anglers seek  and easy access to your information makes it seamless for new customers to come to you.  Sign up today!

3. I already use a number of travel / booking sites. How will Sportsmen’s Compass be different?

Simple, we cater to fisherman. We understand the information they are seeking when planning their next fishing adventure. Time and money are precious, we provide tools to research combined with unbiased and informative reviews of guides, charters, lodges & outfitters shared from fellow anglers.

4. Besides listings, are there other ways Sportsmen’s Compass can help my business?

There is no better advertising than an honest positive endorsement in the form of a review. Our site is built by anglers for anglers. Fishing a new destination requires research and we are building Sportsmen’s Compass as that resource to plan your next adventure. A great guide, charter, lodge, fly/tackle shop works hard to give a great customer experience, have your customer share those experiences for future customers on Sportsmen’s Compass in the form of a review.

5. What exactly is a “Last Minute Fishing Alert?”

It happens, a customer cancels and you have an opening. Soon, Sportsmen’s Compass will be able to broadcast the opening and fill your calendar. Stay tuned as we roll out this feature.

6. I own a private home in a great location for anglers. Can I also list on Sportsmen’s Compass?

If you own a home on or near a river, lake or the ocean that offers a special or unique opportunity for anglers there is no better place to rent your property than a community of anglers. Our members are the ideal audience for short and long-term rentals. Stay tuned as we roll out this feature.

7. Social media, can I participate? 

Yes! We have a full-time social media team and they are constantly sourcing new content. Our Instagram and Facebook pages are updated daily. Inquire today how you can become a partner in our #SUPPORTYOURGUIDE program.

Have another question? – contact us.