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Fishing Charters – Plan Before Booking

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5 Questions to Consider Before Booking Fishing Charters

Planning for your upcoming fishing charters is exciting! The trill of the open water, determining what specie you want to target and exploring new locations – expectations for a great day fishing!  The big question – How does one plan for fishing charters? With research, the help of the angler community and Sportsmens Compass this now easy and simple!

Sportsmens Compass, a community of anglers – contributing reviews on fishing charters, guides, lodges and shops for the benefit of other anglers. Sportsmens Compass – Created by Anglers for Anglers. Start your search with our simple easy to use search page, search by locations, guide name or if you have the names of fishing charters – search them directly.




1 . Budget – what do you want to spend? Determine before you start the search how much everyone is willing to contribute.

2 . How many people are in your group? And what are your levels of experience? Be upfront and genuine with the charter captain. Honesty will give you and your party the best fishing experience.

3 . Size of the boat. Some anglers are happier with a smaller craft, others prefer a larger vessel – this will effect the price of the fishing charter. Length of the charter. How long do you want to be on the water? All day? ½ day? Overnight?

4 . Level of service? Do your research, look at reviews, others experiences, social media like Instagram or Facebook. Be diligent in your search and choose a charter that meets your expectations.

5 . Where do you want to fish?

     Inshore – Offered by smaller boats that fish in and around the bay and estuaries. Primarily center console boats seating and shade. Most inshore boats are 21’ – 25’ in length and offer sitting for up to 6. Sometimes referred to as 6 pack boats or bay boats. Please note – most of these types of boats do NOT offer a restroom. Inshore Fishing includes fishing around piers, jetties, rock piles, bridge pilings, grassy flats, unseen deep holes, oyster reefs and structures that that may hold fish.

     Offshore – Offered by larger boats that fish 8-50 miles offshore. A larger boat 36’ to 65’ feet in length. Comfortably sit 6 fishermen. Note: The US Coast Guard only allows a maximum of 6 passengers for hire when they have not been inspected. Offshore Fishing includes two options near shore or deep sea fishing. Charters that fish near the shore, staying close to land are sight fishing or trolling. Near shore fishing is in open water with no structures. Deep sea fishing is reef fishing or bottom fishing. These boats fish over natural or artificial reefs located on the bottom of the sea floor.

When you return leave a REVIEW of your trip. Grow this important resource for all anglers!

Additional Information: Brian Kirby – The RedNecked Angler has 6 tips for booking a fishing charter. Having fished from Mexico to the east coast of Massachusetts his tips are priceless!  Check out his article HERE. 

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