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Legislation For Everglades Restoration Moving Forward

The Water Resources Development Act of 2016 (WRDA) has been passed through the senate, which will provide vital funding for the Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP). This is important step in continuing the movement towards Everglades restoration. This act will help fix the the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuary systems as well as the waters that …

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Tun Mustapha – Maylaysian Marine Park Spanning 2.5 Million acres

Tun Mustapha malaysian fishing park

Tun Mustapha Tun Mustapha is Malaysia’s answer to protecting its’ coastal waters. The park encompasses some of the richest coral beds in Malaysia as well as mangroves and gras beds. The most impressive thing about this park is that it’s intention is not to ban fishing, but rather manage it. To allow people that …

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iPhone Lure – The Most Expensive Lure You Can Fish With

iphone lure fishing beach

iPhone Lure  – and old iPhone turned into a spoon, I can say I’ve seen it all now. The only real question is, would an Android catch a bigger fish?    

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Johnny Bucktail Striped Bass Controversy

johnny bucktail contello striped bass dead cuilling fishing

The latest internet controversy is over the alleged culling of dead or nearly dead striped bass by Johnny “Bucktail” Contello after the post made its rounds on Facebook. Many are outraged by what they consider the unethical treatment of fish by Johnny Bucktail in and effort to show off to his viewers. Some say …

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Fish Kills in Florida

Florida: More Massive Fish Kills in Indian River Lagoon and Bana River

Fish Kills in Florida – More Massive Fish Kills in Indian River Lagoon We urge you to take a look at the article listed below and to spread the word about the poor water management practices of Florida and the effects they are having on the ecosystem, Fish Kills in FL!  The images below …

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Billfish Taken Out of Water 10 Times More Likely to Die

A study run by John Graves, chairman of the Fisheries Science Department at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, concluded that billfish held out of water for even 1 minute are 10 times more likely to die than those that remained in the water during the release. For the highest survival rate, not surprisingly, it …

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Plum Island Surfcasters, MA – Fishing Show 2016

20th Annual Show and what a great event! This was the first time Sportsmen’s Compass had displayed and we will be back next year! The Plum Island Surfcasters  had a ton of informative vendors, booths and speakers. This was the 20th annual show and everyone told us the show gets bigger and better every …

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Striped Bass 101

Striped Bass 101 Morone saxatilis   Striped Bass are arguably the most commonly targeted saltwater fish in New England as well as much of the east coast. They are abundant, aggressive and widespread with a native range from the St. Lawrence River all the way into to the Gulf of Mexico. Today, most of …

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Check out this blog post from Capt. David Lee Winters A.K.A. @oldskewl808 on his blog, Tight Loops and Trade Winds This piece is all about bonefish that Winters has coined, “homeguards” and the hell they can put you through. Read more HERE.

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Fishing Boston- 2015 A Year In Review

Sportsmen’s Compass’  Little Sister Fishing Charters, Quincy Massachusetts A Year in Review – 2015 With the brutally cold winter we had last year I was hoping for a cool spring and a repeat of our extended season in 2014. That wasn’t to be. The waters warmed quickly and the biggest flounder were had in …

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