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Gear Review – Brook Fishing Equipment Fly Boxes

Are you looking for a new dry fly box? You’re search is over.   Brook Fly Boxes Made in the USA, Brook Fishing Equipment has utilized the popular silicon insert technology in their line of boxes. These boxes are nice and tall with lots of clearance for big dry flies with hackle and parachute posts. These …

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Gear Review – Tacky Fly Fishing Boxes

You’ve most likely seen them somewhere on the internet or in your local shop. Tacky fly fishing boxes are becoming the standard fly box for most anglers. There are a few features that make them special, but are they the end-all choice for a fly box? I received the entire Tacky line up in the …

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Maggie Merriman, Fly Fishing Lady of the West

Maggie Merriman of Huntington Beach, California, a pioneer in the fly fishing space and often referred to as ” Fly-Fishing Lady of the West” passed on September 30, 2016.  Her legacy and the skills she taught to many fly fisherman (woman and men) will live on indefinitely. From A Graceful Rise : In her …

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Tip Of The Week #8 – Reach Cast

The reach cast, in my opinion, is the most important cast for the river trout fisherman. There are very few (if any) situations where I would choose not to use a reach cast while dry fly fishing. The reach cast starts out like a regular cast, with the “reach” coming into play at the end …

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Bently Bentayga Fly Fishing By Mulliner

Bently Bentayga Fly Fishing  Bentley has tasked their in house performance shop, Mulliner with creating a Bentayga designed with the fly fisherman in mind. The Bently Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner is a $100,000 option on top of the $231,000 dollar Bentayga base price. But let’s put that aside and see what it has to …

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SC Fly Tying Competition 2

Rich Strolis X Flymen Fishing Co X Sportsmens Compass Winner! This crayfish tied by @steelhead_steve has been chosen. Thanks to all who entered, and big thanks to @rich_strolis and @flymenfishingco for the prizes!   Our latest fly tying competition was being held in collaboration with Rich Strolis and Flymen Fishing Co. Rick Strolis chose one lucky winner …

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Tip of the Week #5 – DIY Hook Keeper

Hook Keepers   Some rods got ’em, others don’t. In the absence of a hook holder/keeper, most anglers end up sticking the hook in their lowermost guide, or into the cork grip. Neither of these are ideal and can damage the rod. As a result, here’s two ways to resolve this. One is a …

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Abel Sealed Drag – Gear Review

abel sealed drag fly fishing reel

The Abel sealed drag is Abel’s take on the seal drag design that has becoming insanely popular in fly reels over the last 10 or so years. The Sealed Drag (or SD) is beautifully machined out of aircraft grade aluminum and comes finished in most of your favorite Abel color schemes. The Drag To …

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Tip of the Week #3 – Quick and Easy Blood Knot

tip of the week how to tie a blood knot

Fishing Tip #3 This weeks tip shows you how to tie a super fast blood knot without the headaches.  

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Introducing SightLines Provisions Fly Fishing Cuffs

Edgar Diaz, founder of SightLines Provisions, a collection of bracelets and drink wear cuffs, crafted from leather and metal was kind enough to share his insightful story with Sportsmen’s Compass. “Sight Line Provisions are authentic leather goods inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what …

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